MOVIEtube PR HD - Photo Rig by KINOMATIK
MOVIEtube PR HD is the second generation of KINOMATIK's professional photo rigs. The rig is designed to address the cinematographers' needs to ensure a smooth and trusted workflow on set. One of the main features of the 2nd generation rig is the capability to handle HD viewfinders in B/W or color. Due to established product philosophy of KINOMATIK-, all new features are also available as upgrade kits for the first generations PRs. The downward conversion feature for the Lite versions remains in place for every model. Therefore, all versions are fully compatible with each other; they can be up- and downgraded with every offered extension. The rig is trouble- free and compatible with the 35mm film and video gear!
The new telescopic split-battery mount has three meanings: It holds V-mount batteries, converters and recorders and it powers the rig whilst compensating for heavy lenses. Converters and accessories such as wireless focus, image transmitter, on-camera Lite or flash recorders, etc., are powered by one of the various onboard power outlets. Both extendible 15mm video and 19mm film bars can be used separately or at the same time on one interface. For carrying purposes and for hand-held shots, MOVIEtube PR comes with the new non-tool adjustable and versatile KINOgrip top handle. The dual KINOgrip - also new- with the revolutionary 15mm & 19mm bars snap-on interface is available as optional feature.
MOVIEtube PR II is capable to handle large DSLRs such as the Canon 1D MK IV. This feature gives the cinematographer a tool with ultra high sensitivity and allows shooting without rolling shutter. It is also an interesting opportunity for the photographer to shoot high quality movies with existing equipment.
The Production Rig HD features a broadcast viewfinder mount for professional viewfinders from Sony and Panasonic- HD, SD b/w or color. Of course, the rig stays with the trusted Sony quick-release compatible shoulder mount. There are two seamlessly adjustable camera-mounting stages available. The classic stage fits on regular DSLRs such as Canon 5D/7D. Alternatively, the extended stage carries both small and large DSLRs such as Canon 1D.
The new telescopic split-battery holder was developed to hold diverent devices like recorders, splitters and converters to convert HDMI, for example,to HD component and/or HDSDI. The new video breakout box provides several outputs to power such devices. They are carried right behind the battery so that the weight is distributed at the back where it belongs. This helps to compensate frontloads and thus provide good shoulder balance.